To always have and love: Basic cooking by GU is now also available as an app

M yeah, memories come up! When I moved to Hamburg with my former boyfriend 18 * cough * years ago, I put the first exciting common household of my life on very solid feet: I bought a cookbook.

That was it second, real cookbook of my life and it made me very happy at the time mainly because of its poppy appearance, the varied, very simple explained recipes and the wonderfully relaxed tone. The title: Basic Cooking by GU - Everything you need to cook well. And fast and good is exactly our thing, right? I cooked a lot of basic cooking recipes back then and was never disappointed. By the way, you absolutely must have tried the lemon tart à la Cornelia Schinharl.

How do I get that? Basic Cooking is now available as an app! I was very delighted and of course I have the whole thing immediately loaded on my phone, while clicking through something reminiscent of (recipes and memories just belong together so!) And I was pleased.

Here are the key features:

You start directly with an overview of the recipe categories.

 Basic Cooking App Menu

For those who prefer to be inspired by ingredients or names in recipe selection, the search function is quite simple:

= Basic Cooking App Recipe Search

The individual recipes are with photo and portion and Calorie information shown. In addition, there is always a rider for the ingredients and the preparation. Behind the tipp-lemon hide additional hints and facts about the court. You can also mark the individual recipes as favorites or send them by e-mail.

Basic Cooking App Recipe Lemon tart

The preparation is explained step by step and the typeface is also big enough to really read while cooking or baking. If you would like to have it bigger, you can customize the font size.

Basic Cooking App Recipe Lemon Tart Instruction

You can add the ingredients for the recipes to a shopping list and display them either sorted by recipes or sorted by product group (so you do not have to eat 5 times to the butter shelf). You can easily add your own ingredients or other purchases.

Basic Cooking App Recipe Lemon tart Shopping list

You can collect your favorite recipes on the favorites list and create a quick-access menu for later cooking.

Basic Cooking App Recipe favorites

A nice gadget: the kitchen clock. Just set the cooking or baking time and let it remind you. Incidentally, the kitchen clock also works in the background when you close the app and in the meantime actually use the phone for things other than recipes.

Basic Cooking App Kitchen Timer

My conclusion: A successful app with (still) timeless and tasty recipes that make everyone happy who are looking for straightforward and easy-to-explain dishes. I wish I had the smart shopping list before.