{Fancy Products} A grain that tastes like a revolver: O'Donnell Moonshine

To be honest, I have no idea how a revolver tastes. I had - and I am really happy about that - never had one in my mouth. Because I almost never play in Hollywood thrillers. And because that looks totally stupid. So with a revolver in the mouth. For actresses there are certainly special courses "How I keep a wonderful lip movement despite revolver in the mouth". However, I do not think I'm very talented in that respect.

As clueless as I am about gunshot - I do know exactly how corn tastes: cold, hard, burning and jagged. Nothing that I so desperately need in my alcoholic life. Grandpa used to always have a grain in the fridge just in case . Grain is the basic support of the German short tradition. Either A) in the men's place setting with a Pils or B) with very scarce budget at the gas station zurückgekippt ruckzuck. And in principle, if possible very cold and in a sip. Great flavor explosions are expected from a grain certainly not - rather a fast and effective Antüdeln. And in case of doubt you can quickly remove stains from clothes.

So how is he then, the grain that tastes like a revolver? I had to try it. Because I like this phrase so much. That's a pretty exciting promise after all. The schnapps is called O'Donnell Moonshine, is an idea of ​​the Berliners August Ullrich and is made in Cologne by the distillery Sünner in his order. The new grain will be an alternative to the hip gins and vodkas currently dominating the bars.

O'Donnell Moonshine Korn # gourmet guerrilla

The inspiration story of the revolver grain in the special glass is a bit wild - and thus fits perfectly with my penchant for fancy products. The American Prohibition mingles with myths and legends of hard gangsters, black distilleries, home-baked Moonshine and a good pinch of good old black and white times. By the way, the beautiful American jam jar, which was launched by the brothers Ball in 1913 as "Perfect Mason Jar", also comes from them. But in this case there's a double-distilled wheat brandy stored for two years - anything but a booze.

Once I've mastered the tiny hurdle of pouring in from the huge glass opening (mini ladle there a big help!), came the big moment: sip the revolver. A schnapps is a schnapps, is a schnapps. The O'Donnell Moonshine is very alcoholic and spicy in the shortest way. But then he suddenly softens and develops soft and round flavors. Is that vanilla? Or a touch of caramel? I do not taste a revolver. But many other things. You have to sip it again. And again. But beware: the Antüdeln done the slightly different Kornbrand also quite good. That's what the 38 turns are all about.

As a not so tough guy, he's doing great - and I'm curious to see when O'Donnell Moonshine will be found in the trendy bar's drinks and cocktails. I definitely keep my eyes open. And by then we'll try the drinks on the O'Donnell homepage.

Drinks with O'Donnell Moonshine

Oh, and by the way girls: Once you have drunk the grain, you can wonderfully store flour and other baking ingredients for cupcakes and cakepops in the glass. If you want. Or lego figures, of course that works too.
I like.

Info: Many thanks to O'Donnell Moonshine for tasting the revolver Korns.
Photos from the REDWOOD Bar in Berlin.