{Weekend tip} Breakfast at the "Ottos Burger" with really good coffee from Playground

"L iebling, your skin shimmers like alabaster, your figure is exceedingly graceful and your voice sounds more pleasant than that of a nightingale," says the man. At least I think he says that. Under the blankets, I can not quite understand the sounds he uttered. But what else should he give as a manifestation of his overflowing love? It is Sunday morning. And I'm just trying to wake him up.

I've already failed the kid successfully. Even the very last resort (wet mama kisses) left the baby totally cold. It is in bed and pooft. Very strong. Like the man. I try my luck again. Pluck duvet, wonderful sunshine in addition to family holiday flowery advertise, a breakfast out of the house in view - nothing to do. There is a Vakuumverschweißung in the male blanket. He's probably putting a cavity seal on the inside as well.

Frustrated, I stand in the hallway between the rooms staring at the men in my life. Or rather, the giant quilts caterpillars that apparently swallowed my family. Pah, if they do not want to - I can alone, too. Me and the Kindle, alone, calm and homely at the table, who does not shake every 1.5 minutes, eggs benedict on my plate ... I'm suddenly hot for the thought.

"Ok, me Go to OTTOS BURGER for breakfast. If somebody wants to come with me - in 15 minutes time is off "I let the steppe pros pro forma know and pull me into my room to get dressed.

Exactly 12.5 minutes later, man and son stand at the front door trellis , One bright and fragrant, the other with very little toothpaste on the Star Wars shirt. "Do we eat burgers now? For breakfast? "-" Yeah, let go. "I discreetly take the Kindle out of my pocket and put it on the hall closet, before I follow the boys down the hall and close the door.

OTTOS BURGER in the Grindelhof not only serves really good and fresh burgers (of course medium roasted and with various pubs), on the weekend there is also breakfast until 13:30 o'clock - on the menu brunch

Coconut porridge, eggs benedict, pancakes with maple syrup and bacon and a breakfast burger - the small, fine offer covers sweet and heart and makes the whole family happy.

The child and I take the eggs benedict, which poached on two muffin halves with young spinach, crispy bacon and hollandaise sauce.There is a biologically correct spritzer Flavored water for free and coffee The man smiles happily at his burger - photos are not possible.

At the next table, the pancakes are served with maple syrup and bacon and look fantastic.The operators celebrate coffee in all its facets with an incredible amount of passion. The luxury espresso machine hisses and bubbles and conjures up delicious hot drinks from various coffees. But also for filter coffee you have a big heart here: The beans are freshly ground in single portions and then poured in a small filter by hand. By the way, a little chat about the different ways of preparation, beans and jugs is always there.

Some guests are a little confused by the coffee shop in the burger shop: Not only the opening hours are different (in the evening the playground does not open, so there is no coffee), also the bills for food and coffee have to be paid separately. But after the first visit you also understood that.

OTTOS BURGER offers freshly prepared, medium-fried burgers in exciting combinations and in brioche bun. The meat for the burgers comes from farmers and small businesses in the region. Also pulled pork burger and two vegetarian variants are on the menu. As a side dish you can choose between normal, really good fries, sweet potato fries and homemade Cole Slaw. To the fries I recommend umbedingt the smoked mayo. And another tip: If you can not decide between his fries and salad salad, you just order "half and half".

The pricing is in the middle upper Burgersegment, but you get really delicious Stuff on the plate. In the evening you should plan for a burger with side dish, mayo and drink between 12, - and 15, - € per person. Especially rewarding is the lunch offer: You get a burger, side dish and a soft drink for less than 10, - €.

The small breakfast menu covers sweet and salty cravings (or mixtures of both) and is also absolutely family friendly. Here you should plan for three people for the 30, - €.

The service in the original store is a bit dependent on the daily form. Sometimes it fools great and the food is on the table after a few minutes. When it is full you have to have a bit of indulgence with the service. But the OTTOS BURGER is also not a fast food and you can pass the wait, for example, with delicious coffee and watching the other guests. It's always cozy.

Grindelhof 33
20146 Hamburg

Tel. 040 380 46525

Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday 11:30 - 22:30
Friday 11:30 - 23:00
Saturday 10:00 - 23:00
Sunday 10:00 - 22:30

Reservations are (actually) not possible.
Brunch is served on weekends between 10:00 and 13:30.

Info: Due to renovations, there is currently a slightly reduced menu and no weekend brunch. From May 15th everything will be back to normal!